Celebrity Body Types: Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe - martial

Actor Russell Crowe is a good example of the martial body type. His pugnacious character, assertive physical presence, and blunt delivery all speak of mars.

You might be interested to know that in 1987 Crowe spent a six-month stint as a street performer when he couldn’t find other work.

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One thought on “Celebrity Body Types: Russell Crowe

  1. emanuel says:

    I respect this observation, but must offer my take that he is a venus merc. When I see him in movies, even the ones he must look “shredded” for, he always has a thin layer of flesh over the muscle. He also has no shoulders, and the love nature he displays through his characters to me is suggestive of a venus nature. Many of the mars jovial women I know take him for an absolute dream boat. Australia has a strong Mars element to it, could be false personality that paints him in that light. Also, being a venus merc myself, the mercurial side is prone to extremes in temper as well, which he has displayed a penchant for. Just my take. I could be wrong.

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