The Initial Impact of Studying Body Types (Excerpt)

I was told that one of the major benefits to be obtained from studying types would be the deeper appreciation of our personal subjectivity. When I began to see myself as a type, I would no longer consider my own thoughts, feelings of attitudes as uniquely mine. By showing me that I was invariably a member of a particular type, I hope to see beyond my type, to what was objectively true. And, in fact, over time I did find that this study was the single most practical tool for beginning the work of breaking down the walls of my own habitual life.

I frequently heard those with more experience of types say that it was the most ‘practical’ body of knowledge about people they had ever encountered. After several months I began to realize that this might well be true. Knowledge of the types began to enter every interaction I had, with myself and with others. Every relationship was open for reinterpretation based on what soon became a surprisingly obvious reality. Having begun to acquire some ability to recognize types, I realized I no longer had to compare a mental list of criteria to the person in front of me, but simply recognized their body itself, or even their ‘energy.’

From the Preface of Body Types by Joel Friedlander

One thought on “The Initial Impact of Studying Body Types (Excerpt)

  1. Jared says:

    Knowing ‘body types’ is probably the most overall useful, practical, knowledge to have. Growing up as young child with parents studying for years have surely trickled down to myself, my sister, and my brother. At 25 years old (brother 23, and sister 27) it is scary how well we can determine with ease what body type someone in. It works well in determining how to act with a coworker, dating a girl, and just overall human-human interaction. So surprised it is still practically unknown to anyone with having such great uses. Anyone I describe the study laughs in disbelief… but slowly they see how true it can be!

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