Body Types

A provocative updating of an ancient system of personality exploration. Describes seven planetary types known from antiquity and shows how to recognize them. Uses the dynamics of the enneagram to describe human types from the perspective of essence, rather than personality. The first book in its field, by a noted practitioner of body types.

What is Body Types?

“[…]looking at the remarkable history of body types throughout our cultural history, we must assume that this is only the most recent, and probably not the last, expression of the oldest and most useful way we have yet discovered of categorizing people’s essential nature. And to my way of thinking, no more potent tool has yet been devised that is as capable of revealing the shape of our own essential nature, and of making it readily observable and open to our personal study. It is this power that has made the study of the seven ancient body types live once again.”

Body Types, introduction

Written in such an easily-read style you will wish it were longer. Recommended

— The Unicorn

Read the book. Try the system. Begin to see ‘the familiar features of the world’ take on new meaning.

— Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine

Joel Friedlander has presented Enneagram Theory in a manner that is easy to read and understand without violating the complexity of his topic. Body Types is a provocative updating of a venerable system of personality exploration.

— Stanley Krippner, Ph. D.

ISBN-10: 0936385405